Please Note: The preschool is closed due to COVID-19 and that the reopening of the preschool will follow the guidelines and policies that the Vancouver School Board may implement. Tentatively the preschool will be closed and as we plan to reopen in September 2020, if the BC Government and the VSB recommend us to do so. For any questions or concerns, please email or call via telephone. Thanks for understanding and please stay safe.



Have you considered preschool for your child? Perhaps we can answer some of the questions most commonly asked by parents when looking for a preschool for their child. The Heather Bible Chapel Preschool might be what you are looking for!

Click here to download our Preschool brochure (PDF)

The Heather Bible Chapel Preschool is operated and sponsored by Heather Bible Chapel and is a government licensed and inspected facility. The preschool was established by Heather Bible Chapel in 1976 as a service to the community.

We believe that:
• Parents are the primary educators of their children spiritually, physically, emotionally, academically, and socially.
• Each child is a unique, valuable person.
• God loves each person unconditionally.
• Children learn through play and interaction with teachers and peers.

• To teach children that God loves them.
• To teach children to respect and value themselves and others.
• To observe each child and provide for their individual and developmental needs as effectively as possible.
• To encourage creativity in all aspects of the program.
• To provide experiences which are stimulating and challenging.
• To work closely with parents and be supportive of the family.

We have an open door policy at Heather Chapel Preschool. While we do not have a formal parent participation program you are most welcome to visit during the day and participate in special celebrations throughout the year. If any parents could help with a particular theme or learning unit you can let the staff know.

We use the approaches of problem solving, natural and logical consequences, and children will be given choices and realistic limits so they will feel secure. In the event of a conflict, children are encouraged to talk to each other about their feelings and solve issues with a teachers’ support. Children may also be asked to choose another activity. If a persistent problem arises we will consult with parents and children together to reach a solution for home and school.

The staff of Heather Chapel Preschool is trained in Early Childhood Education and licensed with the province of British Columbia. The staff also maintains a valid first aid certificate and takes workshop courses to upgrade their education.

The preschool follows the public school calendar. Classes begin after Labour Day and end in the third week of June. We observe all Statutory Holidays as well as school holidays such as Christmas and Spring Break. Children may enroll at any time during the calendar year.

Please contact us at 604-321-7446 for registration and for more information.

Click here to download our Preschool brochure (PDF)